Safety Information

Every child’s safety is of paramount importance to us at INSPIRED Sports Solutions, therefore we are pleased to explain the great lengths that we go to to ensure the quality and safety of all our activities.

Our Company Folder

This is issued to all clients and every member of staff and is available to peruse on request. It is provided primarily to:

  • Underpin and provide a framework for the way INSPIRED Sports Solutions operates and the professional standards our clients can expect of us
  • Ensure all INSPIRED Sports Solutions policies, procedures, strategies and expectations are widely known, communicated and understood by our clients
  • Comply with all legal and statutory requirements
  • Allow INSPIRED Sports Solutions, its representatives and its clients to work together in an effective, coordinated and consistent way with the common purpose of providing a safe, positive and stimulating environment for children to learn and develop.
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Our Registers

  • Priory to any programme of extra-curricular activity, parents/carers must complete a consent form which details medical, emergency contact and special requirement information
  • These details are then transferred to an attendance register which the coach is in possession of for the duration of the course
  • Copies of these registers are also provided to the school and course coordinator
  • Attendance registers are manually taken at the start of every session
  • Parents are required to adhere to our signing out procedure at the end of every session
  • Parents are requested to update all medical and emergency contact information to ensure all information is correct for each course they attend.
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Risk Assessments

  • All environments, modes of transport, venues, equipment, activities, participants and deliverers are risk assessed prior to activities taking place
  • All risk assessments adhere to Association for PE (AfPE) templates and guidelines

Safer Recruitment

We are committed to recruiting and employing the best coaches and instructors to deliver our programmes. Therefore, we will robustly adhere to the following protocol by:

  • Scrutinising all candidates to verify identity and academic or vocational qualifications
  • Requesting a CV to determine level of experience and expertise
  • Requesting a current, clean Enhanced DBS disclosure
  • Ensuring proof of right to work in the UK 
  • Requesting professional references from the two most recent employers
  • Checking references against employment history and gaps in employment
  • Conducting an in-depth interview and selection process
  • Asking candidates to address any discrepancies, anomalies or gaps in employment in their application form this includes their employment history
  • Reminding candidates at the end of their interview of their responsibility to disclose criminal convictions that are subject to DBS check if they have not already done so
  • Conducting a number of observations with different groups of children
  • Supporting and mentor individuals during a probationary period
Inspire Sports

Our Staff and Representatives

  • Possess the relevant qualifications for the activities they are delivering
  • Hold a current, clean Enhanced DBS disclosure
  • Are regularly observed, monitored and assessed to identify CPD training needs and set new goals
  • Undertake regular internal and CPD training and assessment
  • Are in possession of a Company Folder, first-aid kit and mobile phone at all times in case of emergency
  • Adhere to Company accident, incident and safeguarding guidelines
Inspire Sports

Our Venues

  • Our venues are schools, local authority sports facilities or quality private sports grounds
  • All venues pass rigorous checks on the quality of the pitches, school/sports halls, toilets and changing rooms
  • All venues are sufficiently secure and well maintained
  • All areas, as well as equipment, are checked prior to the start of every session
  • Adequate car parking is available for parents
  • Disabled facilities are provided


  • INSPIRED Sports Solutions holds extensive Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance to cover all participants and activities
  • We do not accept responsibility for any death, personal injury or loss of or damage to personal property other than to the extent that it results from our own negligence.
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