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“Four Dwellings Primary Academy, professionally supported by Richard from INSPIRED Sports Solutions, have continued to demonstrate an extremely committed approach towards providing their children with high quality PE and School Sport. They thoroughly deserve the Games Mark award.”

Mike Stimpson, Curriculum Leader for PE & School Games Organiser, Shenley Academy, Birmingham

We pride ourselves on providing a broad range of high-quality sports consultancy services across the public, private and voluntary sectors to support clients and partners to implement successful sports projects that are impact and outcome driven.

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Our particular areas of expertise are:

Facility Development

We provide educational establishments and other organisations with advice and guidance on how to enhance their outdoor spaces to encourage physical development, physical activity and well being. This includes:

  • Audit of existing outdoor spaces as well as extra-curricular and out-of-school hours physical activity provision
  • Pupil, staff and wider community consultations/audits to understand needs, challenges and barriers to physical activity – leading to more inspiring active spaces and equipment based on identified findings
  • Consultation and a tailored design solution to meet needs
  • Bespoke outdoor spaces to teach specific areas of the curriculum and wider curriculum i.e. Forest Schools, or to engage and support children with special educational needs (SEN) or other complex needs
  • Surfaces for sport and MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas)
  • Funding support and guidance
  • Impact reporting i.e. improved behaviour, engagement and cohesion, improved confidence and creativity, improved physical development and physical activity levels, improved health and well being, community involvement and empowerment.
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PE & Sport Premium Funding

We provide primary schools with advice and guidance regarding the PE & Sport Premium funding to ensure spend is effective, impactful and sustainable, and key outcomes for children are achieved. This includes:

  • Significantly raising the profile of PE, sport and physical activity within each setting
  • PE and school sport audits and Ofsted readiness through the PE & Sport Premium funding by a internal and external school sport mentor
  • Staff, pupil and wider community audits leading to increased engagement in PE and school sport
  • Targeted interventions to engage harder to reach, less active pupils, traditionally under represented groups or those with complex needs
  • Strategic support for schools and their staff, including professional development opportunities that directly impacts on all children’s engagement and enjoyment of sport
  • Organisation of inspirational school sports days, activities and other events
  • Signposting to further funding opportunities to create and widen opportunities
  • Planning and sustainability strategies for extra-curricular clubs
  • Developing leadership, volunteering and apprenticeship opportunities to create and widen opportunities
  • Developing partnerships and adherence with initiatives locally, regionally and nationally to enhance access to inspirational opportunities and experiences
  • Creating links with other institutions to promote PE, sport and the health and well being of pupils i.e. schools, colleges, universities.
  • Developing competition for all children based on needs
  • Providing advice and guidance to help support schools achieve the School Games Marks and other quality marks
  • Developing PE & Sport Premium funding evidence, impact and outcome statements
  • Action planning and reporting of the PE & Sport Premium funding
  • Access to PE and sports-related resources, schemes of work, development, assessment and operational plans
  • Developing effective strategies and partnerships to ensure income generation for schools to supplement the PE and Sport Premium funding.
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Policy Planning

We have extensive experience in supporting clients in reviewing key policy documents and undertaking strategic planning in key areas of education and sports development, including:

  • Accident procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Safeguarding and child protection
  • Compliance
  • Coaching
  • Community sports development
  • Health & safety
  • Equity & diversity
  • Code of ethics & conduct for sports coaches
  • Behaviour
  • Inclusion
  • Facility development
  • Workforce – recruitment, employment and monitoring
  • Safe deployment of sports coaches in schools
  • PE & Sport Premium funding impact and outcome statements
Inspire Sports

Our policy reviews and developments are based on a sound knowledge of policy changes and good practice guidelines and the promotion of clear operational systems.

Funding Guidance and Bid Writing

“INSPIRED Sports Solutions has secured £400 funding on our behalf to assist with the development of our breakfast club. They volunteered this help very willingly.”

Mary Cummins, School Business Manager, The Oaks Primary School, Birmingham

"We've been working with Richard at INSPIRED Sports Solutions since the beginning of the current school year. In a relatively short time-frame, he has been able to successfully secure funding for our school, with a handful of applications still currently under consideration.  Richard has always been very professional in his approach and has superb communication skills. We look forward to further embedding our working relationship over the coming years.

Matt Trevor, Deputy Head Teacher,  Woodthorpe Junior & Infant School, Birmingham

We provide a range of services to support clients in seeking and acquiring external funding for school and community sports/physical activity projects.

We have successfully worked with individuals, schools, clubs and charities to secure funding to introduce new activity, grow and sustain participation, workforce/volunteer training and development, increase income generation and develop sports surfaces and facilities.

Inspire Sports

Sportswear Provider

We are able to meet the sportswear and equipment needs of all our clients through our exclusive partnership with the Acerbis brand.

PE/Programme/Project Planning/Competitions

We are industry leaders in the planning of PE and sports programmes that are unrivalled in their innovation, organisation and delivery. This includes the development of:

  • Short, medium and long term PE planning for schools based on the National Curriculum for PE
  • Technology opportunities within PE
  • Assessment, peer and self assessment
  • Inclusive and progressive sport and movement programmes for children
  • Planning and sustainability strategies for extra-curricular clubs
  • Planning, organisation and delivery of holiday sports and activity provision
  • PE and sports-related resources, schemes of work, development and operational plans
  • PE and school sport audits for schools
  • PE & Sports Premium funding strategy with focus on cost-effectiveness, value, impact and sustainability
  • Competitions and talent Pathways
  • Sports day, School Games and other event management
  • Effective strategies to enhance participation and income generation for schools
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Workforce Development, Coach Education & Well Being 

We work extensively with key partners to meet the training and development needs of key staff, teachers, coaches and individuals, through both formal and informal processes, to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’ and become assets to their organisations. This includes:

  • Key recruitment, employment and deployment policies and protocol
  • DBS checks
  • Adherence and compliance
  • Training Needs Analysis for coaches
  • Implementation of bespoke training and support programme for coaches delivering in the curriculum led by lead PE professionals from Local Authority Learning and Assessment teams
  • Organisation, development and delivery of tailored workshops or courses (client or consultant led) based on current or specific industry or individual/organisation needs
  • Organisation and delivery of accredited workshops or courses (client or consultant led)
  • Organisation and delivery of well being programmes for school staff 
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