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Defining needs, delivering results, making a difference

“Primary Sports funding has been used effectively to employ a specialist sports coach who has improved provision in a range of sports. Teachers have observed this specialist teaching in order to improve their skills. The coach also leads lunchtime clubs and after school clubs and these have resulted in an increased proportion of pupils engaging in regular physical activity“

Four Dwellings Primary Academy, Birmingham – Ofsted Inspection Report, 11th December 2014, in reference to an INSPIRED Sports Solutions representative

“There has been a significant increase in the numbers of pupils participating in physical activity, and sport is promoted positively within the community to both pupils and adults.”

Four Dwellings Primary Academy, Birmingham – Ofsted Inspection Report, 4th April 2017, in reference to an INSPIRED Sports Solutions intervention














We offer a broad range of high-quality PE sports, physical activity and well-being services to support schools, the sports and wider community to implement successful projects focusing on achieving key outcomes for children and young people.  We have established strong links with key community partners and currently work in partnership with a large number of organisations and institutions to enrich provision and the inspire the children and young people we work with, including:

  • Run Birmingham
  • The Active Well Being Society
  • Sport Birmingham
  • Love PE
  • Birmingham Rowing Club
  • City of Birmingham Rockets Basketball Club Wheelchair Basketball
  • Stardust Dance Academy
  • Central Coaching & Sports Academy
  • Sport Development UK
  • Premier Active
  • GL Golf Academy
  • AfTLC
  • JB Sports Consultancy
  • Warwickshire County Cricket Club
  • Edgbaston Priory Tennis Club
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet
  • Birmingham City Ladies Football Club
  • Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club
  • West Bromwich Albion Football Club Academy
  • University of Birmingham
  • Birmingham City University
  • National Governing Bodies
  • Infant, Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Academies & MATS
  • Extended School Services
  • Pre-Schools and Nurseries
  • Children’s Centres
  • Children’s University
  • School Sports Partnerships
  • County Sports Partnerships
  • Local Authorities
  • Grassroots Sports Clubs and Associations
  • Private Coaching Companies
  • Youth and Community groups
  • Grassroots Football Clubs
  • Football in the Community Schemes
  • Specialist Coaches and Volunteers
  • Social Enterprises
  • Charities
  • Education and Health & Well Being Services

Firstly, we recognise that every school and organisation, like every child, is unique and has its own individual needs, demands and challenges.  We offer complete flexibility and sustainable strategies to help create, support and enhance existing PE and sports provision with the aim of ensuring we become assets to every school or organisation we work within.

We develop and nurture relationships with schools and other educationally-focused organisations, based on trust, reliability, integrity and performance, which are essential in the creation of an environment where sports, physical activity and well-being programmes can be implemented successfully and individuals can achieve their potential. In every case, we work with individual schools and organisations to define specific sports, physical activity and well-being needs, then devise made-to-measure solutions that will deliver the desired results.

Inspire Sports

We pride ourselves on the quality, value and impact of our in-school and extra-curricular provision which ensures the delivery of a broad range of exciting sports and movement activities that seek to capture the imagination and interest of every child.  Our aim is to create an environment which is safe and stimulating, where learning is enjoyable, allowing every child to acquire the key skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable them to achieve their best and nurture their sporting talents.

We recognise that the quality of staff within schools needs to be of an exceptionally high standard and we, too, have the highest expectations of all our representatives delivering our programmes.  Therefore, our coaching staff, who are qualified to deliver a range of sports and disciplines, are carefully selected for their high levels of professionalism, expertise and personality, and work consistently work within school and INSPIRED Sports Solutions guidelines.

All coaching staff undertake regular internal and external professional development, based on individual training needs, and are regularly observed by INSPIRED Sports Solutions staff and PE professionals. The quality of our teaching and coaching is maintained through a bespoke training and support programme led by external PE professionals and adherence to best practice guidelines.

“Professional, enthusiastic and creative are the words that most describe Richard and his delivery of sport at Four Dwellings Primary Academy. Richard delivers PE and sports lessons to all year groups from Nursery to Year 6. He is always well prepared and equipped to engage pupils in a variety of sports. Nursery children enjoy visiting a ‘pirate ship’ as part of their lesson while Year 6 develop their skills through team games and focused tasks. There is always a positive and fun atmosphere during the sessions and the children obviously enjoy every minute. Teachers, too, have benefitted enormously from observing Richard deliver lessons and his willingness to share his planning. As a result of Richard’s input, sport and PE are currently being delivered to a high standard.”

Sandra Nicholson, Deputy Headteacher, Four Dwellings Primary Academy, Birmingham

“Richard has a lovely, gentle, fun nature with the children and they all think he is wonderful! He is committed to inclusion and ensures that ALL children have fun and begin to develop a life-long love of physical activity.“

Pippa Hibbard, Nursery Teacher, Four Dwellings Primary Academy, Birmingham