Sports Leader / Activator Programme

We work extensively with individual schools and school sports partnerships to train, mentor and support identified young people as Sports Leaders/Activators to organise and lead enjoyable and purposeful physical activities for younger children at play and lunchtimes, therefore creating and widening opportunities to be active throughout the school day, whilst developing a range of positive character qualities: confidence, communication, creativity, aspiration, resilience, empathy and teamwork.  

We assist schools to effectively implement the Sports Leader/Activator Programme and support the Sports Leaders/Activators through mentoring so that they ‘grow’ into the role and the programme becomes embedded and adds value within their school.  As the Sports Leaders/Activators develop confidence, further opportunities are created to support after school and other extra-curricular clubs and competitions within each setting.


“We value highly the importance of encouraging our children and young people to take on the responsibilities linked with being a sports leader. It is very clear that the children have a gained a great deal from working under the guidance and support of Mr Steadman and INSPIRED Sports Solutions, developing their skills as young sports leaders and regularly demonstrating improved confidence, self esteem and communication skills. Our playgrounds are certainly more happier and active.”

Elen Johnson, PE Co-ordinator, Robin Hood Primary School, Birmingham